It’s almost four years that we are dating. We were never separated from each other. Recently, my boyfriend had to go to a family vacation to Paris on the occasion of Christmas. It was really hard for me to be away from him and I missed him a lot because there was no way that he can communicate while travelling with his family. He came to visit me before leaving, I told him ”Just come back early, you don’t have to bring any gift for me, just bring yourself back to me.”

  Love Stories

After a long vacation, he came back home finally. I couldn’t stop myself to see him right away. He told me he got something for me even I told him I don’t need anything and it was more then I could ever imagined. While he was travelling, he wrote journals everyday that was addressed to me. The journal was so in depth that I could feel myself with him.  He wrote ”Everyone is so much madly in love and it makes me think about you day and night….” He told me soon he will take me to Paris. This may not seem very special for some people, but for me, it’s more than special. Whenever I feel down, I still read his journal and it makes me remember how much he loves me and how much I mean to him.


A dreamer, I love to color my dreams purple, inspired by rainbows, butterflies and the magic of love. Love to write sweet romantic poems, beautiful love messages and love stories, overwhelmed by the magic of love. All my passion is in these pages, my true love and my deepest feelings.

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